leggybuddy® is a Swiss brand of luxury toys and home accessories founded by graphic and fashion designer Suzana Pezo Sommerfeld. Each leggybuddy is a unique handmade product, which is fun for a child and a unique contemporary home decoration. They are equally loved by children and adults, for their charm, timeless design and impeccable craftsmanship.
Our slogan “Feels like family“ is a reminder of the warmth of home, close family relationships and grandmas knitting for their grandchildren. In a world shaped by mass consumption and digitalisation, we strive to create timeless, sustainable products and to emphasise craftsmanship and the lasting quality of handmade work.
leggybuddy dolls come in small and large sizes, most of them wearing adorable crocheted or knitted outfits so they can be dressed and undressed. We also encourage kids and their parents to create and make outfits for leggybuddies themselves because handmade and selfmade is fun.

Heklaður froskur 40 cm
10.990kr 5.990kr
Heklaður froskur 60 cm
11.990kr 6.900kr
Hekluð mús 40 cm
10.990kr 4.990kr
Hekluð mús 60 cm
11.990kr 5.900kr
Crochet Mouse - 60 cm
11.990kr 5.900kr